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In-Depth FAQs Player/Team Guide by Sanyo 26K

Backyard Hockey Cheats For PC

  1. Rinks

    These are rinks that you can earn by playing playoff games.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win Clanky Cup Antarctic Ice Arena
    Advance to the Clanky Cup Humongous Rectangular Gardens
    Advance to the Conference Finals Tech State University Fighting T'Squares Rink

    Contributed by: steelersfan2 

  2. Secret Team

    Go to season mode and pick new coach. Enter this password to get a secret team.

    Effect Effect
    Ikan Trace Special Art Team
    Ivanna Tipe Unlock Special Team
    Mike McMeeting Unlock Special Team

    Contributed by: wizkid357, anhhai14 

  3. Secret Players

    When you select players for your team choose custom player and enter the following as names for secret players.

    Effect Effect
    Beverly Backstop Unlock Beverly Backstop
    Buddy Cheque Unlock Buddy Cheque
    Lemon Boy Unlock Thor "Lemon Boy" Herring

    Contributed by: metakirby380