The game which does tribute to the B-17 bombers and the servicemen that flew them.

User Rating: 10 | B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th! PC
If you seen the film Memphis Belle, the story of a flight crew after long career they just had to fly 1 more mission before they reached their limit before retairment. The Plane they flew, is called Memphis Belle and I was fortunate to see the plane they used in that film, The last B-17 bomber still flying, I was fortunate enough to see the Final flight of the plane at the Duxford air show. I think the year was 2001. To see one flying to this day for me was a real treat, these planes were the fortresses of the sky one of the proudest moments I would expect for the USAF. The sound of those Engines and how loud! the plane was when it flew over, I'll never forget, such a lovely sound, loud but lovely. I can only imagine what the formation of the B-17 bombers would of sounded like. This game gives me a good idea of how it looked like and I turn the volume up full to get the atmosphere to the best I can. But I know it will be never as good as the real thing. To be able to fly the Memphis Belle inside this game having seen the plane for real, is special and added bonus for me.

This game gives you a sense of the magnitude of the skill it takes to fly one of these planes, but also the skill it took for the crews to fly these planes into Europe, under enemy fire to reach their targets and get out to get home safely. To see those large formations of 22 B-17's at the high altitudes to see the trails of the smoke coming from the engines. No feeling like it any where else, up in the air your free. This game Captures that at such a degree that I've not seen for long time even today. I'm sure there must be something wrong with this game like a bug or too, or dated graphics but I've failed to see them. This game does the job of telling the stories of the USAF during world war II. To me that is more important to make sure we don't forget. What they and all the allies did for us, but! also to acknowledge the bravery of the German pilots in their 109's that went up against these large formations. For what this game does in honoring these people and re-telling the story with the fun facter involved, makes up for any slight defect this game might have.

This is one game, I've backed-up and backed-up the back-up. To make sure I never lose this game. So when the time my nieces n Nephews or my own kids one day, become interested. I'll let them see and play this game.