Sounds kind of like a July 4th fireworks celebration. The audio is incredible.

User Rating: 7 | B-17 Flying Fortress: The Mighty 8th! PC
I really enjoyed playing this. The graphics are very good for the majority of the game. What I mean is if you are flying, everything looks terrific. It is the terrain that doesn’t look so good when viewed close up. There isn’t a lot of detail. That is understandable, as you will be flying most of the time anyway. The sounds are very good, particularly the sound of FLAK. Sounds kind of like a July 4th fireworks celebration. It uses positional sound, moving around changes the way everything sounds. It is great. I particularly like playing the canned scenarios they put you right in the mix of a battle right away. I guess my main gripe about the game flying the planning and flying of missions, you usually fly for a long time without incident. It is a sim, so I guess that it is appropriate. I have read that bombers crews were exposed to hours of extreme boredom, followed by 15 minutes of terror.