Azure Dreams Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Raise Hp and Mp

    To boost a monster's MP, use a Pita Fruit (Or Big Pita Fruit) while it's MP is full to boost the max MP by one point. To raise Hp, use a Medicinal Herb on the monster while it's HP is full. It would help to boost MP first then HP second because herbs restore a slight amount of MP. When you boost MP, you are missing the one point of MP you just gained and using the Medicinal Herb brings it back to max so you can use another Pita Fruit if desired.

    Contributed by: Vyse the determined 

  2. Duplication Method

    Before entering the tower you will need one Manova, one Picket, a strong sword, a Wind Crystal and the item you want to duplicate.1: Enter the tower and call out your Picket and Manova. 2:Switch both thier AI's to 1. 3:Make the Manova transform into the Picket while you set the item to duplicate next to it. 4:Tell the Manova after transforming to steal the item. 5:Open the menu and select Items, select the Manova and select return. It will change back. 6:Tell Manova to transform again. 7:Once transformed tell the Manova to spit out the item and collect it and tell the Manova to return again. Now there is the item in your inventory and in the Manovas too. The game saves the item in the Manovas inventory so when you spit the item out as a Picket the game thinks the Picket is spitting it out and not the Manova. Repeat steps 3-7 until the Manova runs out of Mp or you run out of room.(The sword is to kill any monsters that approach you while you are duplicating).

    Contributed by: silent_chaos05 

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