Ayakashi Ghost Guild - Events and Negotiating Turned from good to bad. UPDATED!

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OK so I found out that the events for Ayakashi are glitched for most people! As I played I found out that my alternate account has no problem with the points! he gets 150 victory points every-time an believe it or not but he has gotten the rare card! But my main account I've only been getting 53-64 victory points each time! The weirdest part I experimented an I put the same exact cards an level as my main account an it still gives him 150 victory points! So its not the cards you use or the level. I asked around with other people, 3 people say they have no problem getting to at-least 100 points but 7 other people people said they have a very hard time even trying to get up to 50 points! 4 others gave up because they knew they would never be able to get up to even half the points that is needed to get the rare cards because how low they score with victory points. Especially in less then a 7 day period.. Then the Negotiating for the daemons. I contacted the admins about this problem, they said its supposed to be a 1/4 chance you get a daemon but as I see it its a 1/10000000 chance since how many times I tried to negotiate with a stupid 2 star daemon for the past 2 weeks... They said its a 1/2 chance to capture a 2 star daemon which is a total lie! The ones that are supposed to be the more harder ones to get are the rank 3-5 which you need to use the cabal chains which you should only need ONE which is another lie because it takes more then one when you don't capture it the first time it takes 2 Cabals.. So all I have to say an If I had to rate this I would rate it A 3.0 that's only for the graphics an how awesome the cards look. You can't even spend the silver on stuff you can you in battle or even protect your sealstones! More updates coming soon!!
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You really got 150 points? I haven't seen even 100 points. Although with 20 winning streaks, I sometimes got only 1 point per win. I don't know how they calculate the score. Too bad.
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I never get 150 even when I got 30 winning streak. They should actually prove to us how they calculate it as it is quite impossible to get the top rare cards that way.
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you saying that impossible ?, what's more impossible is other ppl getting 25k point on the 1st day WTF hell wit that ? =.='' if you guys wan to get a max point just forget about it if u guys dont have a 4~5star card in your attacking group, i get this thing all hand's down , the point that you get most likely almost the same amount that you use on the attacking group card. try and see when u attack wit full ATK spirit and half ATK spirit .. my battle card use 91 ATK point , so max i only can get 91 point event with my 130 STRAIGHT WINS WTF!! SO my conclusion is if u wan to get that 5* card you guys need alot of *SPIRIT WATER* Sphinx(170-180 set spirit water) cost around 16,200gold in game , cost u around $195.83 for a single SPHINX card , so gud luck wit that ~ coz for me its impossible its a total rip off....
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i just play this game for 1week my card all 3star wit 30k ATK Lv31 my killing spree been stop by someone on lv30 event wit buff+effect card around 37k ATK still cant beat him with that 2 Sphinx card + 2 some4 star card n he using 1star card as leader card for decoy WTF mcm !! olo