this an unknown and awesome transfer of the moba genera to the console

User Rating: 8.5 | Awesomenauts PS3
For those who don't know what a MOBA is, it's a multiplayer online battle arena. these usually stick to the PC side of things and don't usually transition well onto the console. awesomenauts is the exception. for those who like super smash bros., or outland, or a strategy game, you definitely want to try this.

in awesomenauts, your goal is to destroy the enemy base. however, it isn't that simple. Enormous turrets guard each base, and there is an opposing team of awesomenauts standing in your way. this where the fun comes in. you platform through the stages, finding creeps to destroy for money and/or health, you use your own creeps as meat shields, and brawl with other awesomenauts.

the brawling of awesomenauts is extremely enjoyable. since its a 2D platformer, jumping makes the whole of the combat a lot more interesting. the Brawl feeling of the combat never leaves. strategy eventually worms its way in.

during the match you can upgrade your skills in the in-game store. its fun just to play with this. you can upgrade powers in different ways, like having lonestar's bull go faster, take more damage or deal damage.

it takes a couple matches to unlock all the characters, and I'm happy to say that they're all fairly balanced. many matches come down to how well a team works together and how skilled they are, but others come down who has the better build. however, some things are a bit over powered. for example, voltar the healer and clunk the tank make a near unstoppable force.

the game looks and sounds fantastic, at least if you're into over the top cartoons like dragon ball Z. the online connectivity is usually good, but when the host migrates, everything stops and you have to wait until a new one is chosen. many times one of my teammates has disconnected and i've been stuck with AI bots for partners. they're OK, but they can easily doom a team in a heated battle.


excellent level design
looks and sounds great
awesome gameplay
best intro song ever (credits song goes to portal)
simple to pick up

sometimes faulty online connections
mediocre AI
A little balancing problems