For $10 or less: Exhilarating 2D online VS action with 80's cartoons inspired heroes (+ free downloadable new heroes!)

User Rating: 9 | Awesomenauts PC
For just 10 bucks (in my case less that $4 thanks to the frequent Steam sales) I have spent hundreds of exiting, action packed hours battling it out online (MOBA style) in fast paced matches of 3 vs 3, and it never gets boring :)

With 12 heroes and more to come you have plenty of variety to find the one that fits your style of play. The developers have put a lot of effort in making the heroes stand out in style of play and giving them great voice acting with cool and funny dialogue that adds to the charm of the whole game.

The match-making system is pretty good, with occasional slips, but its recommended that you recruit two more friends for your team, otherwise your at the mercy of luck when it comes to the abilities of your other teammates.

The game has that 'one more round' addicting quality either if you win or lose that will keep you coming back for more.

All in all pretty fun, action packed game with great free DLC heroes (with the option of buying extra costumes for your heroes) all for a small price, who could say no to that? So join in and lets make the community bigger: BUY IT!