this game is broken and not in a good way D:

User Rating: 1 | Avatar: The Last Airbender XBOX
Seriously its totally beyond my comprehension how gs even rated this atrocious game above a 3. I got this game because like most fans of the show i wanted to try it. Thank goodness i rented it instead of wasting money on a broken game at full price. Once you start out the game all is well since the tutorial helps you along the way. but sadly once you get katara from the prison the games screen turns completly black. You can still hear but without being able to see continuing would be utterly pointless. Even if you try to reload the game the screen will remain the blank. I blame this crappy excuse for a game on the awful company that made it. They are known for how badly they make games. obviously it was more important to them to spend as little as they could to crap out this game on multiple consoles and rake in the cash. sad and pathetic.
what would of been a fun game was ruined by greedy morons
its too bad since it would of been a fun and easy game for kids