Autobahn Polizei is a surprisingly great game and is tons of fun to play.

User Rating: 9 | Autobahn Polizei X360
Autobahn Polizei

Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment
Developer: Tommo
Platform: Xbox 360
Rated: Teen
Released: May 4, 2010


The visuals for Autobahn Polizei are just absolutely stunning for this game from the detail to the environments and to the great detail on the cars in this game. So I'll start with the detail to the cars and they look nice and almost breath taking and the detail to these cars in this game are based on the most popular cars that you will basically find only in Germany and Europe all together and they are just really nice to look at and I was personally shocked on how great the cars looked in this game and with the vehicles. Now I'm pretty sure most of them are very popular at least popular to see in Germany at least, because this game is based on a hit T.V show from Germany and is a spin off from those Crash Time game's as well or that is some what similar in some ways to this one or it might be the other way around, but still the detail to the cars and all the other vehicles in this great looking game are just spectacular to look at. Now the detail to the environments in this great looking and again I was completely speechless when I saw some of the detail's to the environments and the detail to the city area that you are in looks way better than any Need for Speed GT game, any game in the Midnight Club GT series and this game will take you yo a nice country side that just looks amazing with some towns that are around it as well and even they all look great. So the visuals for this game are just plain stunning and they can visually compete with the lights of such games as the Need for Speed series, the Midnight Club series and I will dare to say even the Forza Motorsport series which is also visually stunning but as for this game it is just as great and stunning and you will not be disappointed in the visuals for this game at all.


Now the audio for Autobahn Polizei is great and with the sound of all the cars and the vehicles in this game and all of the other sound effects for this game is great but the one thing that is absolutely horrible in this game and that is the voice over work it is not the greatest. So I'll start with the good for the audio in this game and that is the sound of the cars and all the sound effects in this game and so the sound of the engine's for all the cars and all the other vehicles in this game sound great and just like in such game series like the Forza Motorsport series and the Need for Speed series and just like those games this game's sounds for the car are just as great as those ones and you will not be disappointed in the sounds of the cars and all the other vehicles in this game sound great and even all of the sound effect's in this game they sound great and it is like this developer and publisher cared about their product. Now I'll talk about the only thing that is bad in this part of the game is the voice over work it was just bad and I know this game is based on a hit T.V. show from Germany and I would have rather of just heard the German voice work and had the game subtitle it in English in stead of dubbing it into English with some of the worst voice work I have ever heard for a game and with that said it is the only problem with the audio for this game. So with the overall on the audio and even though this game has one of the worst voice over work that could be in recent memory for me, but it sure makes up for it with the great sound effects with the cars and all the vehicles engines in this game and the overall sound effect are great as well and the game as a decent sound track to as well and so the audio is just plain great.


The gameplay for Autobahn Polizei is great and it is surprisingly well handled and I mean that quite literally with the handling of all the cars and vehicles you get to drive in this game and the driving is just superb with the great handling in this game. This game as a story or career mode in which you do play as one of characters in Semir or Ben and in which you do get to play as both characters and the story/career mode is called patrol mode which give's you an open world environment to explore in between cases that you have to do and you have about just over 40 plus cases to solve, do and stop and back with the handling of the cars in this game and they are damn good and when you break in your car you actually stop and when you do an E-brake turn it does it with ease with no over turn or no over spin and so in general the handling in this game just handles really well and this one of the aspect's of this game that I was just shocked with this game. This game does give you a race mode which you can play against the the A.I and you can race with anything that as wheels and that just does not include the number of cars and vehicles you can race with but you can race with dune buggies and I thought I saw golf karts sorry just checked you don't get to race golf karts sorry and I'm pretty sure you can even race go-karts as well this game has just about everything you can imagine. Now the multiplayer for this game only consists of 2-4 player local split screen so you can invite a few of your friends over to play in the races with and again you and your friends can choose from variety of vehicles to drive in a race. So I'm going to talk a little bit more about the game before I end this review and that is this game is surprisingly really good and very well done and this game has quite bit to do in this game and it surely keep you busy for hours to find some auto parts that are scattered around this great area to explore and the other great thing in this game is not only do the all the cars and vehicles get damage to them but the will explode after taking so much damage and the explosions in this game are very well satisfying and will not disappoint you at all. Their is one let down for this great game and that is no way for you to actually get out of your car and try to get into another one which kinda sucks, but even with that minor problem with the gameplay it is still a great game. So in short for the gameplay for Autobahn Polizei and it is great even though you can not get out of your car to get in another or not having an on-line component, but still this game is still a great game just because of all the other great points and still this games gameplay is just plain great.


Now the overall point for Autobahn Polizei is that it does have amazingly looking visuals and effects in this game and it does have a great sounds for all the cars and vehicles and great sound effect and the game even has a pretty good sound track to the game, the gameplay is pretty amazing as well with the great handling of the many cars and vehicles that you get to drive and this game has some down points with the bad voice over work and not being able to leave your car so you can get in to another random car or vehicle and their is no on-line for this game, but despite those minor issues this game is still one of the best racers/driving simulators out their and you can find this game for about $30 or so dollars and for me I got lucky when finding this game for a steal of a price at the local Wal-mart that is near me at $10 dollars and even at a $30 dollar price tag this game should keep you entertained for a while with solving some hair raising missions/cases and you can get your missions/cases from a game world were you can freely drive around and explore, use a verity of cars and vehicles to complete you missions/cases and immerse your self in an action-packed atmosphere, while performing a verity of daring stunts and witness some spectacular crashes. So if find this game for $10 dollars which is a steal of a price for this game get and it even if you find to for $30 dollars or less pick it and if you are not sure rent it first you not be disappointed at all with this game and it just and overall delight to play.

9.0 out of 10