User Rating: 9.3 | Auto Modellista PS2
AM is a great game. Hopefully the v2 will improve on the number of tracks, cars, rules for online event creation, sounds, and handling and collision reponse systems. The driving model has a few quircks, like you often find your self around tight corners spinning out and then if you stay on the gas you literally start spinning around like a top. The collision response needs to be adjusted so that when you are hit, not only you slow down, but your car reacts in a more realistic manner. The reponse is too simple and very lacking. The online racing is left to those who have the most mods. It's hard to get in a *fun* race of equal or competive cars, when some bozos show up and just want to see how quickly they can slam into walls and manage to cross the finish line. There needs to be the option for *STIFF* penaly damage to reward good driving, and rules to allow better custom tailored races for those who would prefer some help in keeping a race honest. Overall great game. Touogh there is room for improvement, don't miss out on this fun game.