Austin Powers: Welcome To My Underground Lair! Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. EVIL-DOS Passwords

    Enter the following in the EVIL-DOS program accessed from the Main Menu.

    Effect Effect
    SWALLOW Alpha-Dog Wallpaper
    125CC Dr. Evil will move much faster in the "Mojo Maze" mini-game
    BANGERS Evil and Mini-Me Wallpaper
    TASTY FEMBOT Evil Stein Wallpaper
    CHRISTMAS Flowers and Evil Screen Saver
    EVIL Hidden Message
    LASER Hidden Message
    BIGGLESWORTH Hidden Message
    MOJO Hidden Message
    INVINCIBLE (then press B) Infinite lives in the "Mojo Maze" mini-game.
    OIL RING Mini-Me in Space Wallpaper
    GRACE Moving Logos Screen Saver
    SCOTT Secret Message
    FRAU Secret Message
    MUSTAFA Secret Message
    NUMBER 2 Secret Message
    AUSTIN Secret Message
    FEMBOT Secret Message
    STARBUCKS Secret Message
    VIRTUCON Secret Message
    FAT BASTARD Secret Message
    MINI-ME Secret Message
    FELICITY Secret Message
    VOLCANO Secret Message
    STEAM Teething Wallpaper

    Contributed by: djg40, WillDay, Treehugger86, CaptainDrakesGhost 

  2. FAB DOS Passwords

    Enter in the FAB DOS program accessed through the Main Menu.

    Effect Effect
    SUPERVISOR Boss Sound
    IVANA YUM Evil CCTV wallpaper
    DOCTOR Evil doctor sound
    FOXY Evil look wallpaper
    STICKUP Evil tears wallpaper
    HUG Hug sound
    INVINCIBLE Infinite lives in mojo maze game
    MINI LAUGH Mini-me HEHEHE sound
    DRIVING Mini-me wallpaper
    ANOTHER PLAN Plan 2 sound
    ELVIS Springer wallpaper
    TABLE Table problem sound

    Contributed by: Goldbar