Austin Powers: Oh, Behave! Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. Codes

    Enter the following codes in FAB-DOS for the desired effect.

    Effect Effect
    TEETHING Austin Steam Wallpaper
    SPACE Bust-An-O-Ring Wallpaper
    BABY Display Hidden Message
    HANDS Driving Wallpaper
    SPRINGER Elvis Lives Wallpaper
    GET YOU Evacuation 1 Sound
    JUMBO Evacuation 2 Sound
    DOG Eye Wallpaper
    SPEEDY Faster in Maze Game
    LOOK Felicity Wallpaper
    STEIN Fembot Vanessa Wallpaper
    SUPERVISOR Fembot Wallpaper
    CHRISTMAS Flowers and Evil Screen Saver
    NO MOJO Goo Sound
    TEARS Hands Up! Wallpaper
    SHAG Hidden Message 1
    SHAGADELIC Hidden Message 2
    HORNY Hidden Message 3
    RANDY Hidden Message 4
    RAT POISON (and then press b) Invincibility in Platform Game
    CCTV Ivana Wallpaper
    MAGPIE Maggie Sound
    GRACE Moving Logo Screensaver
    IDIOT Nerd Alert Sound
    TWO OF US Sausages Wallpaper

    Contributed by: Goldbar, KWang, kenb215, soccerboy105