Do you like music? Do you like GH? Well, you will love Audiosurf!

User Rating: 9.5 | AudioSurf PC
The game itself is a very simple affair. It is as intense or as gentle as your music collection permits and has serious longevity due to the three difficulty levels and various modes of play.

The quality of the presentation is nothing to write home about about all the menus are easy to use and the main thing is the music itself. For the first time ever, your music collection IS the game. If you love a particular track OWN IT on the scoreboards. I'm systematically going through all of my favourites and have achieved Number 1 status (for now) on some of my favourites (prodigy).

Graphically AudioSurf is very clean. With various colour choices and texture filtering options, the game runs well and looks good. It does have that £5 game charm, but it's by no means crappy at all. For starters, the visulisation sensitivity is near perfect. All sorts of artifacts are reacting to the music as you play - and reacting as you would expect (hint hint Microsoft).

Control wise.. The game is perfect! At first i thought it a bit qwerky, but now I'm truely impressed. The mouse works perfectly with the game.. The keyboard works perfectly with the game... The 360 controller works perfectly with the game. It really does not matter at all which control method you use, they are all just responsive and have bonuses to using each method.