Audica Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Gold Star all songs on Expert. Bodhisattva
    Use the gun spinning feature while maintaining a streak. Gun-Spinner
    5-Star all songs on Advanced (or above). Lazer Priest - Advanced
    5-Star all songs on Beginner (or above). Lazer Priest - Beginner
    5-Star all songs on Expert. Lazer Priest - Expert
    5-Star all songs on Standard (or above). Lazer Priest - Standard
    Beat a song with Mirror Mode enabled. Mirror Mirror
    Complete first Full Combo run (all targets hit, no broken streaks). Nailed It
    Complete 10 Full Combo runs. Nailed It x10
    Complete 100 Full Combo runs. Nailed It x100
    Beat a song with aim-assist at 50% or lower. Needle Threader
    Finish a song with an Average Aim Offset and Spread of under 1.5 degrees on both hands. Perfect Aim
    Finish a song with an Average Timing Offset of less than 5ms. Perfect Timing
    Use the gun throwing feature while maintaining a streak. Pistol, Whipped
    Complete first Gold Star run. Prospector
    Complete 10 Gold Star runs. Prospector x10
    Complete 100 Gold Star runs. Prospector x100
    Shoot a target while gun-spinning. Show-Off
    Unlock all other trophies Superhuman
    Finish Campaign on Advanced (or above). The Graduate - Advanced
    Finish Campaign on Beginner (or above). The Graduate - Beginner
    Finish Campaign on Expert. The Graduate - Expert
    Finish Campaign on Standard (or above). The Graduate - Standard
    Earn 10 million points (cumulative per play). The Journeyman
    Earn 1 billion points (cumulative per play). The Sage
    Earn 100 million points (cumulative per play). The Veteran
    Shoot 100 targets that are outside of your field of view. Third Eye
    Achieve Perfect Timing and Perfect Aim requirements together on a single run. Tight AF
    Complete the Advanced Tutorial. Tutorial Complete - Advanced
    Complete the Basics Tutorial. Tutorial Complete - Basics

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold