give it a go because its intense and just right for the atv fan!

User Rating: 8 | ATV Offroad Fury PS2
Atv offroad fury is one of the off road racing classics in where ou are the one to win the races,comps and cross country enduros.with over 24 qaudbikes to choose from,each with different statistics.the 2 top atv types are ravage and haovoc each have nice,sleek top speed and good accelraiton,however ravage dcx and havoc milan are very bad,also there are other companys like honda, yahama and kawasaki.there are 5 cross country enduro/freestyle maps called:Canyon country,Harp valley,Yardley staiton,Fort roberts and crater park which have good detail, buildings, ditiches ,bridges and tunnels.this a game that grows on you as you listen to heavy metal/rock songs,play pro carrer,supercross and freestyle.and creating your drivers gear.this deserves an 8 out of 10 even though it does make a meal out of it looking like an arcade game in the 1980's.