Driving at hignspeeds on 4 wheels can be fun but you can run out of things to do.

User Rating: 5.5 | ATV Offroad Fury PS2
This is your basic racing game. There are a number of tracks at the beggining as you beat various circuits you unlock more tracks. You can also play in freestyle mode where you can do tricks to earn points. There is a mode with various objectives to do. There is an innovative smash the targets game, but it ruins itself by making some of the targets impossibly hard to get. You will continually try to get the same one then realize you wasted all your time. The controls are sloppy You'll do an awesome combo then not know how to do it. You can jump high by timing you ATV by loading the springs in your ATV and realing but its so hard to do you won't get good air and screw up what you were doing. Overall this game is a disappoinment. If you love racing games no matter what go find this game in your nearest bargain bin.