Not bad. But not very good either.

User Rating: 5.3 | ATV Offroad Fury PS2
ATV Offroad Fury is a first-gen PS2 game that is fun to race for a while but then soon gets put on the shelf.

While trying to play through the game, I made it so far before losing the same long race over and over again. I could have given it more practice, but there didn't seem much room for error. This makes getting slowed down on a long stretch of moguls very frustrating. The exciting parts of the game are probably getting air, having a clean run, and landing on people.

There are a hundred similar racing games and this one does not particularly stand out in the racing department. Handling ATVs are unique and that brings a special uniqueness to the gameplay, but only if you are a big fan of ATV races will that really add anything.

The graphics are pretty simple. Nothing special.

The sound doesn't stand out although there are some upbeat background tracks.

The value could have been higher had this game motivated me to fight through the hard sections I kept losing. But the game is still probably worth ten bucks.

There are better games out there, so get those instead.