Single Player is lacking,but Two Player's Fun!

User Rating: 7 | ATV Offroad Fury PS2
This game is a very arcade - style ATV driving game.The whole point of the game is racing on ATV and getting big air!Hell Ya!Best idea for a game ever....ok not really.The controls are really good,only problem:the turning is slightly off.No big deal.The game looks nice for 2001 and the sound effects are good.The music is good.It's not a large selection of songs,but some good ones.Like Anthrax and Alice In Chains.The main problem with this game is that the single player is very hollow and empty.You can use 12 different types of all-terrain vehicle and race on 20 different tracks in a variety of types, including Training, Freestyle, Cross Country Endurance, MAXXIS Nationals, Stadium Supercross and Pro Career.That may sound like alot,but unless you really like the game,you will not care.This game shines in it's really fun 2 - Player mode.Anyways play this game with a friend, it's best that way.