Atomic Punk Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Password for Stage 50

    To go to Stage 50, enter the password: B 0 M N D P B L 3 N C B 3 L 2 H 2 D J J

    Contributed by: Retro 

  2. More money

    Get the password for a game and then change the first letter to an X.

    Contributed by: Sappy 

  3. Move Through Walls

    Intentionally lose a ''B'' mode game and receive the password. Change the second to last character to any other symbol and enter modified password to resume play. Your character will be able to move through breakable blocks during his first life.

    Contributed by: TwistedGamer 

  4. See The Ending (Japanese Version)

    Enter "QQ88Q8Q7" at the Bomber Boy password screen to see the ending.

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  5. Sound Test

    In the Game A mode (Bomber Boy in Japanese versions), at the Stage Select screen, enter "My Town" while holding Right, A, B, and Select.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  6. See The Ending (North American Version)

    Enter "44PP4P4P" at the Game A password screen to see the ending.

    Contributed by: Legato32x 

  7. Gain more Golds (EU Version)

    Enter these codes at the Password screen

    Effect Effect
    LMQQ5GC1 1596 Gold
    6612?1L1 2248 Gold
    4L11C2?W 2818 Gold
    6612?2BG 3017 Gold
    SMQQ!G6W 3518 Gold
    35QQB6CA 3700 Gold

    Contributed by: Certificate of Death 

  8. Passwords (EU Version)

    Effect Effect
    LL1WL1LR 4097 Gold
    55Q83DCR Factory 4
    55P7S.?R Factory 5
    LM884.K1 Factory 6
    SMNN4.X1 Factory 7
    SMNPS.XP Factory 8
    T58PS.3D Faria

    Contributed by: Desert eagle, Super Nova 

  9. Misc. Passwords (EU Version)

    Effect Effect
    XM88TFTD Last level with 34106 gold.

    Contributed by: steamliner88 

  10. Passwords (US Version)

    Effect Effect
    M,N,J,D,I,H,A,B,A,H,I,H,I,H,I,H,I,H,I,F Level 01
    I,H,O,L,B,F,H,I,H,C,P,C,P,C,P,C,P,C,P,N Level 02
    I,H,F,E,M,F,H,I,H,G,C,P,C,P,P,P,C,P,C,L Level 03
    N,M,F,E,M,O,M,N,M,C,E,F,E,F,B,F,E,F,E,G Level 04
    A,B,P,C,O,O,B,A,B,H,A,B,O,L,K,E,F,E,F,L Level 05
    N,M,C,P,I,J,N,M,N,N,N,M,I,H,K,L,O,L,O,N Level 06
    H,I,F,E,M,N,I,H,I,N,B,A,H,I,I,D,J,D,J,H Level 07
    H,I,F,E,M,N,I,H,I,N,I,H,A,B,P,L,O,L,O,A Level 08
    H,I,K,G,D,A,J,N,M,G,E,F,L,O,D,O,L,O,L,C Level 09
    O,L,M,N,D,O,M,I,H,L,P,C,G,K,M,G,K,G,K,H Level 10
    O,L,J,D,I,J,A,M,N,F,D,L,N,M,P,G,K,G,K,H Level 11
    I,H,M,N,D,F,H,O,L,J,P,C,G,K,I,K,G,K,G,L Level 12
    O,L,N,M,K,L,C,L,O,A,F,E,K,G,D,A,B,A,B,F Level 13
    B,A,E,F,P,E,D,E,F,A,F,E,K,G,D,O,L,O,L,L Level 14
    O,L,A,B,E,P,E,G,K,A,F,E,K,G,D,A,B,A,B,H Level 15
    D,J,D,J,O,H,K,H,I,C,N,M,I,H,B,L,O,B,A,F Level 16
    D,J,N,M,K,N,I,I,H,A,F,E,K,G,D,N,M,I,H,F Level 17
    N,M,A,B,E,F,M,K,G,J,G,K,E,F,O,D,J,N,M,L Level 18
    I,H,F,E,M,C,B,G,K,G,J,D,D,J,E,C,P,P,C,N Level 19
    I,H,K,G,D,I,N,M,N,F,A,H,A,B,M,G,K,E,F,L Level 20
    M,N,A,B,E,L,P,P,C,A,F,L,F,E,D,J,D,D,J,L Level 21
    M,N,O,L,B,O,J,N,M,C,N,J,N,M,B,K,G,C,P,H Level 22
    D,J,C,P,I,A,D,N,M,H,L,F,L,O,K,M,N,J,D,G Level 23
    M,N,K,G,D,F,M,A,B,J,G,C,G,K,O,A,B,O,L,J Level 24
    O,L,H,I,M,E,G,E,F,L,H,A,H,I,P,B,A,H,I,H Level 25
    D,J,E,F,P,L,P,L,O,C,N,J,N,M,B,E,F,L,O,H Level 26

    Contributed by: Atombender 

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