Who is the mummy? Khufu is the mummy!

User Rating: 10 | Atmosfear: Khufu the Mummy DVD
Atmosfear Khufu The Mummy is the second instalment in the DVD rebirth of the interactive video (DVD now) board game Atmosfear! Khufu was originally going to be a VHS game as well as the rest of the Harbingers but after the low sales of Atmosfear IV it was cancelled… but after over 10 years of waiting the mummy of mayhem, the pharaoh of fear finally gets his 15 minutes of fame…. Or 45 in this case.

Story 7/10
Khufu wagered his freedom against the Gatekeeper in a game of Stud Poker (using real metal studs!), Khufu has beaten the Gatekeeper, earned his freedom and has reopened his Casino On The Nile, all of his old “co-harbingers” have been invited, will they beat the tables and Khufu’s Ultimate Challenge? Or will they just have to beat it?

Gameplay 10/10
Atmosfear Khufu comes with a completely new style of board and gameplay, you play as one of the classic Harbingers, Anne De Chantraine: The Witch, Baron Samedi: The Zombie, Countess Elizabeth Bathory: the Vampire, Gevauden: the Werewolf, Hellin: The Poltergeist and replacing Khufu the all new Harbinger, Medusa: The Gorgon! Your goal is to beat Khufu in his Ultimate Challenge, When you first meet Khufu he will tell you that when he asks “Who is the mummy?” you must answer “You are the mummy!” as loud as you possibly can he will pick one of the players to be his servant “lucky” unlike previous games you do not collect six different coloured keys and race to the well of fears pulling out your own fear, but you must lay 4 of your coloured scarabs in each of the four chambers ranking from highest to lowest, The Servants Chamber, The High Priests Chamber, The Queens Chamber and The Kings Chamber, Lucky will be asked to rotate the chambers at time blocking them off and being a real pain in the asp (Khufu’s words not mine) how do you place a scarab you ask? Well you must beat the tables like a real casino! You go around the board landing on $ spaces and collecting treasure cards You have to place a minimal bet, each chambers minimal bet rises as you go to the higher ranking chambers and roll either an odd or even number to place your scarab, yet in the Queens Chamber you have to toss a coin, Heads you lose, Tails you win! And in the Kings chamber you place down 4 cards pick 2 of them and roll both symbol dice, if one of the symbols on the dice matches a symbol on your card you win… but you have to play Khufu’s Ultimate Challenge by racing to the chamber with his sarcophagus and pressing the menu or title button, facing him in a game kind of like poker, Khufu will reveal his hand and you must give Lucky your collection of cards he/she will shuffle and give you 5 if you have 6 or more of them (4 if you only have that many and if you have only 3 he/she just gives you all of your cards, you then pick 3 of your dealt cards and roll the symbol dice, the player (or mummy) that has the most matching symbols wins, but if you don’t Khufu wins and gameplay resumes as normal. It has the same select a box or other item game as with the previous DVD game, yet Khufu is not as bad tempered or as nasty as the Gatekeeper… but he looks grosser, they actually managed to make him look like a 2000 year old Mummy!!!

Sound 9/10
The sound in Khufu has a very Egyptian themed, the music plays a kind of eerie tone mixed with Egyptian music when you are playing the game, when you meet Khufu it is proper Egyptian music that is kind of catchy, yet you do get some scares as when Khufu often appears on the screen is has a very loud and fast shriek that can give you a good screen if you are paying a lot of attention to the board.

So in conclusion it has been a long decade where we thought we would never see Khufu appear on our screens and nightmares but the wait was worth it! Khufu is better than any of us could have anticipated, I really hope this one sells like Atmosfear: The Gatekeeper
because if it does we may see an Atmosfear: Hellin The Poltergeist or Atmosfear: Gevauden The Werewolf hit our screens in 2007 or 2008!