One of those games that will be up on your shelf never used. EVER. A lousy boring game.

User Rating: 2 | Athens 2004 PS2
Athens is a sports game intended to give the player some feel as if they were in the olimpics (to some extent). Although this may be the case Athens doesn't deliver as well as they could of in terms of entertainment value. As a hole the game is fairly solid. It's game play is understandable and has clear and basic controls for each individual sport. This games can be pretty much explained in two words and they are boring and repetitive. This game overall is as some would describe it : An Epic Fail. A good game to come with the PS2 but not one I would intend on buying.

Sadly this game in my opinion is a waste of space on your shelf of gaming. If i had to play another minute of this game. I'd probably have to kill myself. Purely just because i hate sporting games and this game is probably the worst out of them all.