I Think I Screwed Up? Not Getting The Ship Parts Recipes...

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When I started playing this game, I did it with a FAQ, due to the nature of the game. But after a few days, I ditched the FAQ completely because it wasn't doing a good job, so I just decided to continue on my own.

I got my platinum rank before 1/1 on Year 4. When I went to Cordelia, nothing happened. I tried chatting, and I had no luck. I returned to Arland. I was suppsoed to get a bunch of scenes but I didn't. Last scenes I got were the ones related to the ship. I saw the scene were Gherard requests Guid to fix a ship and Ceci scolds Totori for "eye dropping". After that, I talked to all the villagers and I got hints and pieces of Totori's mom's whereabouts but I didn't get the recipe to make the ship.

I'm in month 4, year 4, and I really want to get the normal ending at least. I really need the ship parts but even after talking to everyone about the ship parts I didn't get a scene or anything.