It's like that one eyed kitty at Petsmart, not for everyone, but looking for just the right person to love it.

User Rating: 8 | Rorona no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi PS3
I realize this game is not meant for everyone, I have read various complaints that people have all over the internet about it. Yes Alchemy is the biggest part of the game. Yes the fighting is simplistic compared to some RPGs. Yes there are no MP at all, you must use health to use special moves. (This point was the hardest for me to get used to, but once I leveled up some I found I was able to sacrifice the HP for a few specials. ) Yes it may seem repetitious but honestly it is really a lot of fun. No you can't level up to your hearts content as with other RPGs. Though I really do want to take down one of those stupid dragons....

You play as Rorona a cute and slightly airheaded apprentice alchemist who must save her shop from closing. You must complete assignments given every three months over a three year period. If you don't it is game over. If you can, you get one of four main story endings. If you gain friendship points with other character you can get character ending as well.

Everything takes time in Rorona from gathering ingredients, to fighting and to creating items with alchemy. This may seem like a hinderance at first, but one just needs to think a little strategically and really you are given plenty of time to finish each mission I do not understand that complaint. I left several to last minute and still got almost maximum stars.

If it is not for you fine I can understand, but there are people out there who like it and enjoy the gameplay and story. Rent it and give it a shot, you can beat it in a weekend and see if you like it.