It has the Old--school RPG feeling that holds you up until the end

User Rating: 7 | Rorona no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi PS3
Recently finished the game and here is my mini critique

1.) Game play - Typical RPG, dungeon crawling, exploration, and grinding stuff. But just like any other games, Rorona has this unique alchemy features which makes the game interesting, and soon will come in handy in your adventures. Battle system is old fashioned turn base, gathering materials is also fun.

2.) Sound - the BGM is absolutely great and it corresponds on each game scenes. Voice acting was fair, a bit childish in some ways but it has its charms on female gamers and alike

3.) Story - the plot was perfectly placed on a simple kingdom. Your task as an apprentice is to save your alchemy shop by submitting specific produced alchemy items requested from the castle. From an ongoing task you will meet several characters that would add an interesting story on the game. It has multiple endings depends upon your actions.

4.) Graphics - It has a wonderful anime graphics. Cute alchemy item artworks. Simple but well presented world and town map which has easy transportation.

5.) Replay value - After the ending credits of the game, you have the option to save a cleared file. It could be loaded upon entering a new game plus if you wish to unlock other endings.

Overall the game has good JRPG presentation which will stuck you for several hours.