Just the right amount of tweaking from the first and second games. A Streamlined experience that delivers a classic JRPG

User Rating: 10 | Meruru no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3 PS3
An instant classic for those who are tired of the same-ol save-the-world schtick. This and it's prequels deliver towards the JRPG crowd in ways that current games of it's genre have failed to do so. Whether it be games that have all style and subpar substance like Final Fantasy13 and it's "improved but still vastly flawed" sequel, to games that have a surplus of content that while not necessarily a bad thing, prevent a beginner to the average gamer from fully enjoying the experience.

Atelier Meruru is the silent middle hitter in a vast sea of Over hyped JRPG's that end up being just that these days; over hyped and over budgeted let-downs whereas Atelier Meruru, it's prequels, and also it's entire 'Atelier' line of games provide a gamer with a smaller setting while delivering lots of content to keep the gamer not just busy, but on his toes towards achieving a satisfying experience in the multitude of them that each game provides differently from gamer to gamer.