Overall this game generally stays true to the series. You have the alchemy and the light-hearted environments.

User Rating: 9.5 | Meruru no Atelier: Arland no Renkinjutsushi 3 PS3
While I personally had some troubles with the Atelier series over all that is probably just my problem. The characters and the overall look of the game is quite lovely and enjoyable to explore. While it sucks to get a bad ending and have to start all over again the game at least gives you some lee-way by letting you keep a decent amount of items. Previous Atelier games such as Atelier Totori dropped in price pretty quickly. If you're looking to pick up this game you could wait a little while and see most people tend to bash this series for stupid reasons when it has interesting game-play mechanics with the alchemy system. The battle system is much like the previous games, you still have your items doing a major portion of the damage. This is a good thing I feel, since it rewards you for working on the alchemy portions of the game(Which are some of the more interesting mechanics) The non item-chucking characters can still dish out decent damage but they tend to lack a huge amount of interesting skills. If you've played any games in this series before you'll most likely enjoy this one about as much as you enjoyed the other ones. Personally I enjoyed Meruru's personality more than Totori because Totori was a backwater country girl who was nice, but a little bit boring. For 40$ it's a charming title with an interesting storyline.