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Hello, I have Atelier Ayesha ***, and I can not have a scene with Keithgriff in the library (I forget his name) it is a scene where I should be returned post to the first workshop, create an object and after beat a boss in the city. This is an obligatory scene to continue the story but it does not be activated. So if someone has already finished the game or knows the solution could help me. Sorry for not being clear Thank you in advance
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I know this is way late but it may help those in the west who just got the game. once in the library, you'll have to traverse a couple floors. At one point, Ayesha will say there's too many books and that you'll need to go back to the entrance to talk to the librarian. Once you've talked to her (she'll tell you the section is 4-d or something similar), continue through all the floors. Once you hit the fourth floor, you'll find the gentleman reading a book.

If you do all that and the scene doesn't activate, then I'd restart from the last save point as it could be a glitch.