Hella Old School Gamers willlove this simplified ATARI collection. While most of the favorites are in, a few are AWOL.

User Rating: 8.3 | Atari Anthology PS2
I remember playing the "wookie" version of the ATARI 2600 back in Chicago when I was a wee lad. It was our second console game system (Radio Shack's PONG being our first) and as we bought games it became a family activity.
This recently released collection of classic arcade and console version ATARI games provides a sampling for generation X, Y, or Z while providing the needed nostalgia for us old timers.
Of note however is the absence of two of my favorites (Pitfall and Space Invaders). I cannot fault the game for this since it does not claim to be ALL of the games ATARI made, just 85!
This release also provides two unique features that the older versions cannot. The documentary of the gaming industry, cover art, manuals, and interviews make for an interesting learning experience about the history of ATARI and arcade games. The second feature is unlocks, time challenge, trippy mode, double speed, time warp, and hot seat (are you a true master?) add to the games re-play value and enrich the overall experience.
While this Anthology should not be the only one in your collection it is a good place to start. Graphics and sounds will take you back; the simplified games will challenge your hand-eye coordination and patience.