First Korean RPG I played.

User Rating: 7 | Astonishia Story PSP
As many know RPG's are the greatest games made. I highly enjoy playing RPG's the most. When I gotten the PSP; Astonishia Story was one of the first games I purchased. Knowing that Ubisoft is a respectable company and seeing the back of the cover I seemed promising.
[Loved the intro. Good music. Mostly it lacking a good story and there wasn't enough adventuring around it mostly fallowed a single path.]
I was surprised seeing a Korean company make a fair RPG (Ubisoft is not a Korean company Sonnori is). The game play style is a strategy RPG; something like FF Tactics or Saiyuki: Journey West. I considered it a classic strategy RPG style. Problem was that my most favorite and reliable character died; that always pisses my off. The game had a few awesome comical cut seens. But over all, Astonishia Story was way too short. When I play RPGs they usally last more then fifty or seventy hours. Astonishia Story can be beaten in a day. It took me only about twenty two hours. But I didn't play all day only a week.
For RPG fans; this is a great quick play RPG. Just play it to check it off of your list of games beaten. It isn't the best or the worst, but fits right in the middle.

If you enjoyed this game I recommended Phantom Brave (PS2), Final Fantasy (NES, PSone, PSP), and Saiyuki: Journey West (PSone).

Gameplay 7.5/10
Character 7/10
Story 6.5/10
Music 7.5/10

Overall GameTotal 7/10