Simple, straight forward, easy PSP RPG with a nostalgic feeling.

User Rating: 6 | Astonishia Story PSP

Astonishia Story has simple graphics that have makes you remember about final fantasy VI, Chrono trigger... but the graphics here have some nice details such has shadows that gives another look to a nostalgic graphic engine. When you play this game you feel like you have played many like this before but you will soon realise that Astonishia Story has some interesting touches to check out.


Astonishia Story its a simple turn based RPG with nothing new to it... turns, magics, atacks, move... while your not in battle the game plays similar to regular old school RPGs such as FFVI or Chrono trigger. In battle the game its more simple than the most of the turn based RPGs, its very easy for anyone to learn how to play Astonishia Story, the maximum characters in battle its 7 but you will have more than that sometimes.


There is nothing to say about this. Its simple, nothing special happens with the sound, sound effects are all regular and music can be boring sometimes.


Astonishia Story has a campaign that lasts something like 15-20 hours, its a decent amount of gameplay but the game doesn't do anything to keep you playing it for this amount of time. The storyline has nothing really interesting and like the rest of the game, its a simple and straight forward story. Its very possible that you won't be to interested in the story and in the game to replay it.


Astonishia Story its a simple, straight forward RPG. It lives up the its objectives but its not enough to appeal to the most of the people. Some will think its boring, others will think its to easy, others won't like the battle system, others will feel the game its outdated... The people who are recomended to buy Astonishia Story are that people that really need a PSP RPG to play and enjoy old school RPGs such as FFIV, Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Breath of fire...