A game I wanted so much more out of, but just couldn't get into.

User Rating: 5.5 | Astonishia Story PSP
I have been in search of that one great RPG on the PSP. The RPG is one of those guilty pleasures for me, the time it takes to plsy the near infinite ways you can do things, and to have it portable would be wonderful. I have played some great RPGs in my time, and this game was not one of them.

This game looks dated, even on the PSP, I am playing Final Fantasy 7 on the PSP at the moment and it looks more at home there than Astonishia Story, graphically, it is hardly pushing the limits of the technology and the sound could have been copied from something made for the NES or SNES.

The story, in which the name might suggest is not that at all, it is derrived and cliched and almost every point in the game and really didn't make me want to continue playing. With characters seeming more like rehashes of past protagonosist and antagonists it really causes you to grind your way through the game.

The very, very repetitive and often very frequent at times made some areas difficult to clear as your party gets beaten slowly into submission. No one battle is that difficult, but when you are running low on heath and don't have anything to restore it and another battle comes along, it could just mean the end of the game.

I did enjoy moments of playing the game, through many of the frustrations, but I am glad I finished it, more for saying I have completed the game.

If you see it I would avoid it, there are better RPGs around than this one, but if there is nothing left and you must buy and RPG then you could do worse, but make sure it is on sale.