A weak story and boring characters pretty much wrecked what might of been a good game.

User Rating: 5.5 | Astonishia Story PSP
• Graphics are actually pretty good.
• Combat is basic SRPG and is good.
• Dungeon design is good.
• Thankful the game is short.

• The story is so weak that I just lost all interest in it.
• The characters are also boring and lack personality.
• The goals and quests are not always clear, often I found myself wondering where I should be going next.
• Game world needs a map, it was just to easy to wander around wondering where was the location of that place I needed to go to.
• Not enough variety of monsters to battle.

The story and characters are so weak that I just lost all interest in them. It wasn't so much the overall storyline but the game just doesn't do a good job of sucking you in. After a few hours I just didn't care why, who, what and where the story was talking about. The characters are just as watered down, they lacked depth and were just not interesting.

Game play is exactly like most SRPG's, this isn't a bad thing but with the story and characters being so bad this game desperately needed something to keep the players interest.

Final thoughts:
Don't waste your time on this game, it lacks heart. The game designers did a good job on the graphics and main game play mechanics. But they either ran out of money and rushed the story and character design, or just did a really bad job of it. Either way don't buy, rent or even look at this game if you come across it.

Game Play: 7
Graphics: 8
Story & Characters: 2
Value: 5

Score: 5.5/10