better then the origanal

User Rating: 7.5 | Asteroids PS
the good
very fun in multiplayer
the bad
gets hard fast and i mean FAST
ahhh...goodol fun blastin space roks but improved u should know this arcade game but now it has been broght bak 2 live...with improved visiuals and more stuff to shoot like mine roks crystal asteroids and moer plus the disk has cd playback meaning u can play the songs stored in the game on a standerd cd player and has the origanal arcade game hidden in itand much much more...
like power ups multiplayer and a great soundtrack and is said to be better than the other remakes of old arcade games like centipede 99 galaga space invaders star wars pong breakout and its the best version in years.
gameplay 6/10
if u like games like this than get if u dont get it anyway ether way u wont be sorry if u get it