An Excellent SHMUP

User Rating: 9 | Astebreed PC

Astebreed is a good mecha shoot'em up game that has a reasonable amount of content and one of the first I have played. The gameplay is pretty fun and it's easy to learn the basics even without the guidance of optional tutorials. In combat, you have plenty of options like simply shooting bullets, lock on enemies to shoot them with bullets, cut your way through with a powerful blade, and heck using a quick short insurmountable blade dash. Although the story isn't so amazing, the fact that most of the dialogue is spoken during the game can become an annoyance since you have to focus on destroying your enemies but sometimes you may feel the need to read the English subtitles (dialogue is in Japanese only) and that may be a bother (not so much for me personally). The dialogue is not terrible though, the voice actors did a good job voicing each character. Another thing that must be noted is that once you start the game, you have to finish it completely because you cannot load from where you left off. However, there is a Chapter Select option that allows you to play chapters you have at least completed but if you care about certain achievements then you would have to stick to playing the game in one go. You can play the game on Easy, Normal, or Hard but be warned that Hard mode is really challenging (I tried and failed miserably). One last letdown is that the game is rather short, I was able to beat the game in about an hour and I really wished there was more to play.

Despite the negatives, Astebreed is still a good game to try out. Aside from the great gameplay, the art done in this game is great. Speaking of art, this game offers extras that allow you to see in-game art, concept art, 3-D mecha art, and more. The characters in the game are tolerable and you can also know more about them in the extras along with pretty much anything. The OST is pretty darn good, wish they had the soundtrack available to purchase. To me, the price seems a little reasonable considering what the game offers so if you're a fan of shoot'em ups, mechas, and anime then I would definitely recommend picking this game up. Before I wrap up this review, I also highly recommend using a controller to play the game.

That concludes my review on Astebreed, looking forward to hopefully seeing more of this game in the future. Oh and it's coming to PS4 soon with updates so there you have it!