The best racing sim full stop.

User Rating: 10 | Assetto Corsa Competizione (Early Access) PC

No doubt about it, this is the most beautiful simulator I have ever played. Driving in this game is an absolutely magnificent experience, and in my humble opinion, the only vehicles you actually need are the GT 3 cars.

The entire Blancpain 2018 lineup is present in this game, along with all the tracks raced that season in the European tour. This means Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Monza, Spa, and Ricard are all present and accounted for, with a total of 8 different tracks to choose from, mastering them all will leave you with some food on your plate for sure. However, this also means COTA, Chang, and other tracks are also not present, and I am hoping that we will see these tracks added later in the year, alongside the 2019 roster, allegedly due for release sometime this summer.

The audio is fantastic. The engines sound completely true to their real-world counterparts as you tear across the track, and the metal framework of the vehicle creaks and groans around you with the stress of gravity, and the imperfections in the 100% accurate laser scanned tracks rock the car in ways not captured with this level of realism in other games. When weather rolls in, the sound of rain hammering on the roof is amazing. It also completely changes the dynamic of the race, forcing one to consider new racing lines, in addition to a pit for a tire change. You can also manage your engine maps, and download the MOTEC program to integrate with the game for tuning purposes. MOTEC is pretty advanced, even by engineering standards.

Multiplayer is in an incomplete state right now, and I suspect regardless of what Kunos says about matchmaking (apparently scheduled races are a deal breaker for a small but loud and dedicated group of racing fans) we will see some evolution going forward in the next few months. The presence of what appears to be an excellent ratings system is in place, as are competition races, seemingly ignored by that same small but loud group of fans. The AI can and will be more than a match for many people when turned all the way up.

I mentioned the entire Blancpain line-up. That is all there is, as this is the officially licensed game of Blancpain. This is not a true sequel to the first Assetto Corsa, so you will not find Ferrari's outside of the current GT3 models, etc.

ACC supports VR, and worked beautifully prior to full launch. It is currently broken (5/30/2019) and I expect it will be one of their first major fixes due to the over-the-top backlash. It also supports a laundry list of FANATEC racing equipment, the full list of which you can find on the ACC sight.


Graphically the most beautiful and detailed sim I have ever seen

GT3 Cars

Extremely accurate laser-scanned tracks.

Audio just pounds, it sounds like you're there.

Physics and detail to little things. amazing.


No GT4 cars to share the track with. Rumors abound about GT4 being added later.

The Multiplayer is a bit incomplete.

some bugs and glitches can annoy you at the worst possible times right now.