Although it's not perfect, It's well worth your 5$

User Rating: 8 | Assault Heroes X360
In this Assault Heroes you play as one of the two elite soldiers, that are trying to stop a crazy robot trying to take over the Earth. You are also equipped with three special weapons.

1. A machine gun.

2. A rocket launcher.

3. And my favorite, a flamethrower.

Sadly, this game only has 14 levels to use these unique weapons, which you can beat in about five hours or less. four hours or less, if you play it with a friend on co-op, which is, by the way, a blast. You can also go underground, relying only on your skills and your partner for survival. The bosses in this game are very unique, not a challenge, but unique. If you throw all of your grenades, and use all of your nukes on them, they won't stand chance. Although this game is not perfect, it's well worth your time and your 5$.