Assault Heroes is a fast and fun 2D action game.

User Rating: 8 | Assault Heroes X360
Assault Heroes' story is almost non-existent, but fortunately its other aspects make it worth playing.

In the beginning of the game you are told that you are the last surviving member of an elite forces unit searching for a secret enemy laboratory. Once the lab has been located it's your mission to destroy it and escape. There are also indications of some extra terrestrial entities in the area planning world domination.

Top down 2D Graphics are very colorful and detailed, but the environments are not that varied. Sound effects and music are great creating an atmosphere of a hectic battle, but towards the end the music is really begin to feel repetitive.

Gameplay is a mixture of classic Ikari Warrior (in a vehicle) and Undertow. Left analog stick is used to navigate your vehicle and the left analog stick controls shooting. Bumper triggers are used to navigate between different weapons. It's all very simple and intuitive. Game flows forward in a linear pattern so there's no possibility to get lost. Goal is to shoot everything and make it to the end of a level without getting killed.

Bulk of the game is played in a heavily armored attack jeep, but some parts are fought in a boat. Controls are identical in both.

You may wish to enter in on foot –missions, but if you die only once you will spawn outside and are either forced to continue your main mission or begin the on foot –mission from the beginning.

Assault Heroes consists of 17 Areas and it takes less than 5 hours to play through. You may still want to play the game multiple times, especially in co-op either locally or through Xbox Live. It's of course easier and more fun to have a good time with a friend.

Assault Heroes is a great 2D shoot them up and recommendable to anyone who is a fan of Xbox Live Arcade.