the retro style of play is refreshed with great graphics and boss fights

User Rating: 9 | Assault Heroes X360
Assault Heroes is a XBLA game that combines classic top screen scrolling games with slick new graphics that incorporate enormous boss fights. You have the choice of playing single play or corporately with a friend or over Xbox live. When first starting the game you get a quick 15 second description of the story, which means you're a special military guy…and that's it. You start out on a beach and have to make your way through multiple areas that have mini bosses then a main boss. You control the car with the left analog stick and shoot with the right one. You have three weapons that can be upgraded mini gun, flamethrower and rocket launcher. While the mini gun is good against infantry it isn't good for taking on tanks and other armored vehicles, so you're constantly changing between the three of them. Half way through the area there's a portable that takes you underground were you must precede on foot to take out as many enemies as possible. These segments break up the driving nicely with close quarter gun fights but you can get out of you car at will any ways so its not a big deal.
This is one game were the Single player is dominate over the multiplayer. In multiplayer a friend and you share a screen, so if your friend is lagging behind you, you cannot move ahead with out him and its easy for projectiles to come out of corners were you can't see. It only really helps to play with a friend to tackle the enormous boss fights. Bosses take up ¾ of the screen and have several parts of them that need to be damaged.
The graphics in this game are great seeing how this is a XBLA game and was built on a budget. The sound is okay but gets annoying very fast and weapons sound a bit week. Seeing how this game is only 5 dollars its embarrassing if you don't pick it up.

Graphics: 8.5
Game play: 8
Singe Player: 8.5
Multiplayer: 7
Cost: 400pts=$5

Overall: 9