A good co-op aracade game to mindlessly blow things up to set you at ease.

User Rating: 7 | Assault Heroes X360
Opinion - This is one of the first aracde games I downloaded for the 360. Its rather simple game to play but the fun factor is way up there. Playing with a buddy, sorry not online, sitting next to you makes it well worth the money.

Positive - The game's graphics looks good and doesn't disappoint you with the multiple explosions, CG solider death, and boss fights. The game allows you to save your progress once you've passed several points. So if you screw up you don't have to go back to the very beginning and you can always come back and play another day withou starting over.

Negative - Sometimes the scrolling labors along too slow. For example, if you move to quickly to the top of the screen, you'll be at the very top not able to see what's ahead of you and move forward until the screen scrolls down. In other words the scrolling has one pace and if you're too quick it doesn't care "You just have to wait." One time I moved way too fast to the top screen and was bombarded by fire, not knowing where it was coming from. So I moved back down, apologized to the game for moving too fast, and waited patiently when it caught up to me.

I also found the underground mission unforgiving. No armor, no tanks, one shot and back up you go. The boss fights were adeqaute but nothing to rave about.

Overall - I gave the game a 7.0, a solid C. Its lots of fun and does what it sets out to do. If you like the old fashion-like aracade game that's has a top down view and scrolls from top down then this is well worth your money. Fun factor's up there and climbs higher when you play with a Bud.