Assault heroes is a great shooter shining in the midst of tons of mediocre titles on XBLA.

User Rating: 8 | Assault Heroes X360
Assault Heroes is a fast paced, fun, and well made dual stick shooter. It doesn't fall into the junk pile of other shooters that seem to plague XBLA. You are part of some sort of elite fighting unit, and are suppose to blow up some lab. I am not gonna try to make some in depth story plot out of all this because as in most arcade shooters its about gameplay.

Assault heroes starts you out in assault vehicles that each have three different weapons to fire. The mini gun is just your average machine gun and is best used to massacre the majority of infantry that runs your way. The flamethrower is more offensive as you have to come in close to your enemy, but do some damage with a good radius of fire. The flak cannon is more like one strong shot that does massive damage, but is more difficult to aim. Each of these weapons can be upgraded three times and you can also get small rockets that fire with you as well. Out of vehicle gives you a default rifle as you are now weak infantry and must wait till the vehicle spawns before you can continue laying waste to your enemies.

The sounds of the game are of good quality and really allow you to get that frenzied feel of a crazy amount of gunfire and units going about. The music however is not epic, and doesn't really add to the feeling. Although the music is really memorable, it isn't dreadful either.

Graphically the game does a well done job of presenting. Players are not the only focus of the game as all the enemies look different in a way that makes them stand out. The background doesn't look generic, but is more dynamic instead of epic, and adds to the arcade feel.

For fans of the dual stick shooter, this is a must have. And at $5 it is quite a bargain that shouldn't be ignored.