Gameplay is good but not much more is

User Rating: 7.5 | Assault Heroes X360
I had some hopes for this game when it first came out so i tried the demo and wasn't amazed or disappointed. Its is just as the genre says, it is Shoot-'Em-Up and does that well enough to keep the player occupied but in most areas it is lacking as is the case in the story department. I know arcade games dont have an amazing story but i see no rhyme or reason to any of the events. You are dropped off in a location and you proceed to kill everything in sight in single or co-op(i recommend playing this way) modes. The game play can be fun and addicting with 4 lvls for each weapon and the large changes in the levels keep you playing for longer then most shoot-em-ups. This game is neither good nor bad but if it were in the arcades back in the day it would have been a classic but unfortintly for Assault Heroes it is not that age anymore.

This may not be the best XBL has to offer but it isn't bad and should be enjoyed with a friend