Assault Heroes is a fun and exciting game that should be bought if you like a little challenge.

User Rating: 8 | Assault Heroes X360
Assault Heroes is a great arcade type shooter that delvers across the board. It has great action and some unique enemies. the game is that challenging though the game has some great boss battles. And people should note the the achievements in this game do show skill and dedication. However there are a few items that hold this game back. First of all the on foot mission can be a bit trick and a little hard near the end. Second some of the boss battles are a little confusing and would have been nice to have a boss health bar. Though its easy to over look these things, beacause the action is so good. And the wide variety of weapons is nice to. So in summery Assault Heroes is a good game that has some challenge and is fun if you aren't a hard core player, and should be experienced by everyone.