I find this game to be OK.

User Rating: 7.5 | Assault Heroes X360
This Game, Assault Heroes is not one of the games I play very often. I think I have only played it twice. But I think I have played it enough to the point where I can review it. For one thing the graphics were ok. They weren't perfect, but they were ok. There was nothing special about them. Same thing goes with the sound. absolutely nothing to make me say "Wow, that's cool!" Gameplay was simple and got boring after a while. Nothing stood out about it. I could probably find something online that is basically the same game for free. This game was pretty forgettable. The achievements are semi-easy. I think it took me a little bit before I was able to get my first one. That's basically it. A good thing about this game is that they lowered the price to 400 Microsoft Points, or 5 dollars. That's not that forgettable