A really good game, with old-school graphics and classic side-scrolling, you will be amazed. A great mobile game. Get it

User Rating: 8 | Assassin's Creed MOBI
I got this game free off the internet, and I play it all the time! It's graphics remind me of the original Prince of Persia, and the gameplay is fun, although my right thumb was hurting after a while...I'm just not used to such a small controller. I would advise you to get this game because it's fun, and the storyline is straight forward - Kill lots of people!
I don't have the Xbox360 version of the game, or the PS3 version, but this game will keep me happy for now.
Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys games on their mobile.
Two words : Get It!
In the first level you must assassinate 3 people. The third being the hardest, you must engage in a sword duel with him, which isn't too difficult for a first boss. Then there is a horse and carriage mini-game where you must escape from the city while avoiding guards and other obstacles, this part was really fun. After this there is an ice level which is rather difficult because you have a temperature gauge which goes down as you progress through the level, but you can build it up again by going near a flame.
This is all I have played of the game so far, and I'm really enjoying it!
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