The Cake is a Lie

User Rating: 7 | Assassin's Creed Unity XONE

Just as Marie Antoinette famously never said, "The cake is a lie," Ubisoft lies about how AC Unity is the next-gen game we've all been waiting for. While the game has some great qualities and truly takes advantage of the new hardware, to say that it's the game we've all been waiting would be far from the truth. AC Unity has several issues in its story, gameplay, frame rate, graphics, and so on. The game takes several steps in the right direction, but those steps were not taken very well. I am an AC fan, and I want all the games to be great. But, I can't ignore the many problems that AC Unity has. Hopefully, Ubisoft will learn from the fans what we want and don't want in an AC game. AC unity is a fun game with plenty to do, but it is by far the most disappointing game in the series.

Story - 5.5: The award for worst story in an Assassin's Creed now belongs to AC Unity. It takes place in the French Revolution! The story should be incredible! But it isn't. It's bland, it's boring, and it's poorly executed. Let's start with what's good. The protagonist, Arno Dorian, is a great character. He's very likable and fun to play as, much like Ezio. He's well acted and a great addition to the Assassin list. There are a few good supporting characters, but it's hard to call them great since they are so hardly used. They only two major characters are Arno and his Templar love interest, Elise. Now, Elise is a great character, but their romance isn't shown as well as it could have. There is so much focus on them, but the game makes it hard to care for their relationship. It's not executed well. Now the bad, does the game even take place in the French Revolution? It's a decent story, but the French Revolution is almost irrelevant. It is hardly mentioned until well over half-way through the game. Very key figures, such as Maxamilion Robspierre, are hardly used. I love history, and I've always loved how the AC games have used history in their stories. The French Revolution is such an important time period, one of the most iconic and influential. To see it hardly used like this, it's disgraceful. For the most part, the story just isn't interesting. There are a few moments that should have been very memorable or sad, but weren't because of poor execution. For the first time playing an AC game, I really didn't care about what was going on. For me, that is saying something. By the time the climax comes, you're just content that it is finally over.

Gameplay - 7.0: Gameplay takes several steps in the right direction. Parkour is smoother than ever before especially with the new parkour down button. Stealth is more tactical now, and combat is challenging. The new assassination mission are very good with less hand holding and more experimenting. So what's the problem? All of these new and improved systems, either have bugs or are frustrating as hell. There a glitches with parkour. It can be quite inconsistent when trying to climb a building. It also takes a good amount of time to feel comfortable with how climbing feels now. Stealth can be ridiculously cheap. Sometimes, guards will see you from way farther than they should and attack instantly. And it seems that every guard is alerted to you presence instantly even without the alarm bell. Combat is fun, but is too difficult. What I mean by this, is that it is purposefully difficult so that you avoid combat as much as possible. There is no sense of mastering the combat system. With the first AC game, combat was challenging, but you felt as though you could master it. It didn't feel unfair at anytime. AC Unity feels unfair at times especially when guns are involved. Guns are so frustrating! Unlike previous entries, there is not fair way to deal with them. In combat you can dodge, but only if you can manage to see the little indicator of them firing in time. If you are not in combat, there is nothing you can do. If you are trying to run away, you can't dodge or use a smoke bomb to stop them. You try to get out of sight, that's it. They are insanely accurate. There are several missions that are simply not fun and are frustrating instead. The last mission, in particular, is very annoying. The game's introduction of customization and skill progression is a definite step in the right direction. Progression feels good and is a welcome addition. Overall, the gameplay introduces some very welcome additions, such as a difficult combat system, but they need to be executed better. Future entries should take what is introduced and improve upon it.

Graphics/performance - 8.5: This game is gorgeous. I have nothing to complain about graphics. The city of Paris is beautiful and really captures the feel of Revolutionary Paris with very large crowds. However, there are several performance issues. Frame rate issues plague your experience, you will appear to be teleporting when you jump at times, and there is a ton of characters popping in and out. The list goes on.

Cooperative - 7.0: The games new co-op mode is a welcome edition, but is really just okay. It's really only fun if you and a group of friends go into it together. Playing with other people, there isn't much team work. Heist missions can be quite enjoyable, but the rest is merely okay. This is definitely not a good replacement for competitive multiplayer. There is some fun to be had, but find some friends to enjoy it with you.

Verdict - 7.0: AC Unity is a good game that takes several steps in the right direction, but is poorly executed in several ways with its story and new gameplay additions. I personally think this game is better than AC Rogue, but it is more disappointing. There was a lot of anticipation for this game with much hype, but the game doesn't deliver.

I hope you found this review helpful. What did you think of AC Unity?