Things I need clarification on in AC: Unity

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#1 Mr_Moe_basic
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Hi Guys,

I am a few hours into the game so far (maybe 7-10) and am really confused about a bunch of things so am hoping someone can help:

-The whole premise of the game is that Arno's dad was killed and he is seeking vengeance, correct?

-I am finding that most of the armor and weapons are WAY too expensive for the amount of money I earn from doing side missions (and I try to do like 5 or more between each main mission). Do I need to progress further before I am strong enough to do more Cafe Theatre missions and increase the amount of money I am getting?

-I find the bad guys in this game quite hard to beat- it's more like Metal Gear Solid in that during missions, if 1 bad guy finds me out, a bunch gang up on you, at least 1 has a gun and just shoots you and it's over. So you have to do mostly stealth in this game. Would that be correct?

-I have no interest in playing multiplayer whatsoever. Can I still finish the game without it being hugely difficult?

-What can I use creed points for besides in mutiplayer? –And where do I use them? (besides multiplayer)

-What are those random items you can pick up like candles and silk? Where and how do you use them?