Diference is what's all about...

User Rating: 8 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PC
The first Assassins Creed it would take us to a journey for the past and i must say that i like, even if there were a lot of aspects in the game that needed to be improved it was still a great game, because there aren't many alike. Then they brought us the one before this "revelations" and it was the best. Even the horse it could walk through the city and take us wherever we want and the graphics on ALL OF THEM are really work of art. It's amazing the reality and the feeling that we get when playing this game that almost take's you to that century. This ACR they have taken out the horse and that for me was a kind of set-back, the story and the new features that was more like a strategy game were very successful here in Portugal and the interaction with the other characters also could be better. I think this one went to a spot that it could never be better then the other's and a lot of things were brought like the mini games and the battles, even the new weapons and this last item was the only one that i would take to the others AC.
It could be a lot better if they weren't in a hurry to take it to the stores.