Great mechanics, but who wrote this Sh*t!?

User Rating: 7 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
As far as gameplay is concerned ACR takes most of the good from previous AC games and introduces a few cool mechanics (i.e. Bomb Crafting). After spending 40 hours on the campaign and side quests I really started to miss the crane looking things that shoot you up the side of the buildings and felt that the grapple hook should have sped up climbing speeds a bit more. We all know the Assassin's are skilled climbers, now let's have 'em do it faster! Overall it felt smaller than previous titles but still fun.

Here comes the bad though: Who the heck wrote the story for this sorry excuse for an AC Game? This might be just me, but the reason I fell in love with the AC series was the story. Templars, Abstergo, Assassin's and all that Jazz. The contrast between historical events and figures with modern day struggles and conspiracy theories are the hallmark of this series. Unfortunately AC Revelations does not live up to it's name. Abstergo itself is wholly absent from the game save for the last Desmond FPS story.

The meat and potatoes of the story has always been the conspiracy theory: templars and freemasons, famous scientists and inventors in the pockets of corporations, the US Supreme Court and US Presidents in bed with the bad guy, etc... All of this is completely absent from the game. What a shame.

The game also had a very unique opportunity to add to the story of Marco Polo and his father, but they treat him like an errand boy instead.

Did Ubisoft fire the head writer in charge of the previous titles? It sure felt like it! Revelations leaves us wanting, not because it leaves us on a cliff hanger that has us on the edge of our seat, but because their idea of a cliff hanger is a guy opening his eyes after being asleep.