The greatest Assassin's creed game i have ever play!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
Assassin's creed Revelations is a great game that we all all should play.

The game has a great Storyline which was the story of Desmond Miles and the last story of the legendary assassins, Ezio Autidore and Altair.

The Gameplay was the same to brotherhood but the new kill animations make it a great gameplay,The Hookblade was perfect to the Game, it does increase navigation by 30 percents said by Alex Amancio. The hookblade also has it other uses. Booms, i think it is a great idea to put booms to the game it was very useful in the game, we could create many types of booms in the game.Assassin's recruits in the game was the same to brotherhood with the missions sending them to city to decrease the templers control was a great idea it make us feel more like a mentor. Den defence wasn't that bad.

Soundtracks in the game was Amazing which kept making me to play assassin creed revelations every time. i think Ubisoft did a great job with the sound tracks in the game.

Graphics in the game did improve a little in the game. I like the graphic in the game. but i think ubisoft could have done more better with the graphics.

Settings in the game was a great choice Constantinople was a great city with a lot of beautiful buildings. Cappadocia is also a great underground city in the game.

Missions in the game is pretty much the same to brotherhood with 100 sychronization. but some mission are a little difficult to get 100 percent sych but it ok i like too have a challenging mission in the game.

I hope that the next Assassin's creed game would have a better graphics, great gameplays,more missions ( 10 to 12 sequences or more) ,more beautiful cities to explore.

Well that is my first review on a great game. Thank for reading and sorry if i make some spelling or grammar mistakes.

Hope you enjoy the Game too!!!!