I was extremely excited about getting this one but it's just not the game the trailers were showing

User Rating: 7.5 | Assassin's Creed: Revelations PS3
I've been a fan since the days of the first game which was really great but after five years of climbing rooftops the fun has just faded. I kept watching the trailers of Revelations for almost a month until I decided that I should get it anyway. However this game is a big disappointment for the fans of the serious; what was really a joy in the first three games became very repetitive in this one. The game force you to do very boring and repetitive things (even more repetitive than the first game) like running across the city "WITH NO HORSE!", killing Den leaders, looking for idiots around the streets to make them assassins, send them in virtual missions....Hours after hours of anti-fun things to do which you need to do if you're Trophy/Achievements sucker or just a poor guy who don't want to finish his game withing 6 hours. The story is OK, complicated and as usual the ending is just $hit. "Revelations" was milked by the guys and girls at Ubisoft really HARD out of the Assassin's Creed games. So don't expect the WOWs you got from the first two games. The game is very short, one city to run across and the views are not interesting. Gameplay is OK, hookblade was unnecessary addition to the game. I tried to play everything in the game but after beating the game (5 minutes ago) I can hardly remember any joy I got from it. Maybe the only fun you'll get is from the platforming levels similar to the Prince of Persia games. Multiplayer is good even more interesting than the singleplayer. By far this is the worst Assassin's Creed game, I just wish if I saved the money to buy Max Payne 3 after three days. So really don't get it, save the money for another good game or just wait for Assassin's Creed III which looks really cool.